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Remicade, Constipation, and other Problems?

Let me get to the scoop of things here. I have been on Remicade since August last year. I have overall been doing awesome on it. I have also noticed several patterns since the last three infusions. The first two weeks, my stools are very nice and normal. I typically go in the morning, and I have realized that after the first two weeks of getting an infusion, it takes me a bit longer in the morning to go. Then, I notice that the next four to five weeks, it takes less time in the morning and my stools are still really good. Then, I notice by the six or sometimes seventh week is when some of my symptoms start to show up again.

Now, I had an infusion on May 4. Since then, I notice that I have been more on the constipated side. This time, I have gone only once every 2 days, and when I go, I really have to strain in order to get it all out.

I am concerned that something is wrong. My stools are absolutely perfect, but I have to really strain and I have been going less frequently. I have not made any dietary changes and in fact, I have been trying to drink more water thinking that it would help. I am not bloated or have any cramps. So my question is, is it normal for Remicade to cause constipation like this?
Hi there,

I started on remicade in March 2017 and had the same sort of reaction as yourself. I just felt like I was never really 'clearing' my system as I wasn't as regular as normal and was really straining. I discussed this with my consultant who confirmed it is normal. Your body is getting a brand new dose of something so new to it that its just trying to find its balance.

Have you ever taken anything for the constipation?

Everything calmed for me and went back into a normal routine after around 6 months (so infusion number 5). So hopefully it does adjust for you.
Hi and thank you for your response.

I was about to take something for the constipation, but I gave it another 2 days and everything went back to normal. It just seemed strange since this was the first time this has happened since being on Remicade.

I did ask my doctor if he changed the dosage and he told me that it was the same as all my other infusions. Anyway, I will continue to monitor and see if this happens after my next infusion.