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Remicade /Diverticulitus

Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with Crohns when I was 21. I'm now 38. After the diaganosis I didn't have any symptoms for 10 years (not joking). When I was 31 I developed an obstruction and needed up in the hospital. I was treated with prednisone and it ended up ok. I went 4 years and took prednisone twice (30 day dose). I went to GI doc at end of last year because I was feeling bloated. He said that I have an aggressive Crohn's disease and need to be on Remicade immediately. I did the intro and felt fine. As soon as I got the 3rd treatment I had massive cramping. Initially I thought it was just the Crohns healing. Ended up in ER six weeks later (cramps the whole time) with a massive infection. Diagnosed with acute diverticulitus (CT scan right before intro to Remicade didn't show any diverticula). I feel like I'm getting railroaded a little bit with treatment. That's a terrible trade off if Remicade actually caused the diverticulitus. Anyone have any suggestions on treatment? Should I get my next infusion next month? Scared that it will cause other problems.
Tell your doctor what is going on. Ask him if the Remicade is still effective or if you have built up some resistance to it.
Thanks ronroush7 for the reply. My issue is that I've never been on Remicade until the last 2 mos and all of a sudden I have diverticulitus. It would be an almost impossible coincidence to have developed diverticulitis in 2 mos right after starting Remicade.
Hi, I don't think the Remicade would cause the Diverticulitis. Diverticulitis would be inflammation of the intestine pockets, and even the holes open up, causing leakage. The result would be surgery to remove the area. I just went thru the process, but if you end up that route, be prepared to take buking fiber after so you don't have to go to the toilet all the time.