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Remicade dosage - rounding up or rounding down?

I recently started Remicade and have received 2 infusions. They first started me at 200 mg, but are now upping my dosage to 300 mg. I weigh 110 pounds, so my true dosage should be 250 mg. Do your providers normally round up or down? I’m worried the first 2 infusions were not strong enough. This disease has knocked me out for the past 4 months (newly diagnosed, steroid refractory, have lost 30 pounds, every part of my digestive system was inflamed), and I want to make sure it gets treated effectively. Thanks!


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New York, USA
It is normally rounded up - the vials are 100mg each, and as far as I know they are NOT split up......so it may vary a little depending on your weight - which is why you should be getting weighed every time you go for an infusion.