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Remicade froze while on vacation... is it usless now? :(

Hi there, I'm currently on vacation and had to bring my remicade in a cooler with me. However my medication accidentally froze in my grandma's fridge.. I took it out and put it in the less cold section of the fridge but it was still frozen for 5-6 hours probably. Is it still usable? I need to get my infusion in 2 weeks and I'm kind of worried. I know if I fly back to Canada they have infusions waiting for me if I have to leave. I also have travel insurance but dont know how I would get remicade here in Bosnia. What shouls I do??


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In general most antibody proteins are stable after one freezing, but not after multiple freeze/thaw cycles. However, I don't have any specific knowledge about the stability of remicade other than what the labels say. Thus, if flying back to Canada to get a fresh infusion is an option, I would do that. The once-frozen drug might be okay, but why take a chance with your health?


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I tend to agree with Scorpio
Are you able to get in touch with your GI....email maybe
Freezing can preserve some substances or change some...but in your case it could be risky
without specific information.
Good luck
Hugs Trysha