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Remicade hair loss?

My GI swears remicade doesn't make your hair fall out but I have lost half my hair with just the loading doses. It falls out daily not in bunches but is drastically thinning by the day. Has anyone had hair loss with it ? I noticed it thinning 14 days after starting this med. I just had my illeocecal valve and 11 inches of small intestine removed in January while 26 weeks pregnant. Remicade was what we decided to try after surgery to relieve unresolved issues and to achieve remission
I've read that it can do that but it never happened to me, and i'm on a very high dose. I think it's highly variable who gets it.
I do not have the answer to your question, as I have never used remicade. I just thought you should know you're one tough cookie to go through all of that while carrying a baby!

Hope all is well now! Best of luck to you!
I had to go off Remi after the 3rd loading dose, but my hair kept falling out for more than 6 months after stopping treatment. I had a bad lupus like reaction that got worse with each dose, problems began shortly after the 2nd dose, then after the 3rd it was clear that it was the wrong treatment.
I'm off all meds now except for salofalk enemas, and have gone natural. The hair that I lost does not seem to be returning, lost most from my head, but my beard remains thick.
Did you loose it in patches or only thinning like I described ?
It fell out the same way. I first noticed that there was more hair in my hair brush, then my fears were confirmed when combing my beard that the beard was falling out too all over the counter top. This started happening after the 2nd loading dose. At the same time the skin on my face was peeling off like old paint. My face developed the familiar lupus butterfly rash.
I reluctantly took the 3rd dose, but it was clearly related to the Remicade. I stopped after that. For months going forward the symptoms remained, more hair fell out, but my beard was the first to recover, but my head hair remains thin to this day. Lupus symptoms subsided over the summer, but it took 8 months before I could get my colostomy bag to stick to my skin for its normal duration. Normally I get 5 days before I change it, but during the Remicade, the glue would fail by the 3rd day. Horrible treatment, just horrible. However, for others it has been a miracle.
Hi Chelsy79

Unfortunately yes. My hair fell out on azathioprine, was okay on 6mp, since I started remicade in early Feb it is falling out again. As in, losing a little every time I wash it, having to clear plug hole after every shower. I've tried caffeine shampoo, scalp friendly shampoo (moo goo) and hairbrush chewable vitamins (with biotin) so far nothing's helped. Luckily I have a lot of hair so not quite bald patches yet but definitely thinner and parting getting wider. I wish I had some answers for you. I'm stopping the remicade as I got pretty ill after the third loading dose.

The only thing I haven't tried that might help is to check b12 levels, mine are at the very bottom of normal range so can't get the injections yet but I have heard that can help. Also I was in a massive flare before starting remicade and there is a theory that hair reacts three months later, so maybe the hair loss now is from the flare not the drugs in which case it should calm down soon?

If I find anything that works I will post about it.

Good luck.
My son developed Alopecia ( auto immune disease lose hair) after being on remicade for 7 years. They say it was not remicade but he swears it is. He gets injection in his scalp and its finally coming back.. But been about a year.
Just to update, I stopped taking the hair chewable vitamins because they're expensive and my hair was still falling out, not long after it started falling out much faster, so back on the vitamins and it has slowed down again but still more than it should be.