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Remicade immune system?

I have a some similar questions that a previous poster put up regarding colds and flus.
I met someone tonight that had used Remicade for Colitis. She said it had ruined her immune system, and ended up contracting C-Difficile. Did get over it, but discontinued Remicade as a result.
Does anyone feel that it's a serious concern being exposed to germs, bugs etc?
I don't want to get paranoid, but am concerned with what's realistic.
Does anyone share these concerns, or does this story I related seem isolated?
So far no big problems with my daughter's immune system, just a sneeze here and there. Remicade lowers the immune system, so users will be more prone to infections. But remember that their Immune system is very high. I do use more lysol and bleach than before. I make my kids wash their hand more often, don't take them to places that I know somebody is sick and told the teachers to change seat if somebody close is sick. If I know a bug is going on at school I make my daughter wear a mask. I don't think I am paranoid. Just taking precautions. No problems so far with none of the kids that I know at the clinic.
But remember that their Immune system is very high.
Well, to be honest the immune system isn't any "higher" than for someone else, in fact most research indicates that people with crohn's disease have primary immunodeficiencies (primary refers to the primary immune reaction, macrophage deficiencies and autophagy), particularly at the autophagy step, macrophage / neutrophil proliferation, wound healing. (likely because of defects in NOD2, ATG16L1 and VDR)

What does happen is that lymphocytes tend to congregate towards the gut, where they're coming from isn't 100% certain, likely from a triggered APC in the lymphatic system, or peyer's patches.

But we don't have a high immune system at all. In fact we'd be pretty special if we did, everyone would want to study us.
Sorry kiny. My bad. I guess I think that because my kids never got sick prior to this. Even if they got a cold they were ok in one day without meds. And that the immune system is very strong and attacks even good cells by mistake. I TAKE WHAT I SAID BACK. I apologize. If it necessary to delete or do something let me know.
I have noticed i don't get colds etc but weirdly keep getting skin infections (yuck) ive had my ears pierced for 15 years and all of a sudden got a massive infection. And im a clean person lol.