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Remicade induced lupus

Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and desperate for some help and answers. I have been on remicade for about a year and a half now and about six months ago started having horrible body aches and pains to the point where I cannot move. What's worse is I'm pregnant.

I went to the rheumatologist and a lupus test was positive and he said it might be the remicade. My gastro doc said that's not what's causing it and it's just arthritis. These pains seem like they are beyond arthritis. I can barely move or sleep.

What is more odd is that the lupus symptoms get better after a remicade treatment and then a week or two later they come back and it's getting worse and worse. Has anyone had a reaction to remicade? Did it occur immediately after an infusion or did it take time? Did your reaction occur after the medication wore off?

I never ever had body pains or aches until I started the remicade. Please help.
I have always had a bit of joint pain with my UC. I was on Remicade for a year and it didn't really help the joint pain (did my UC) but it did give me pustular psoriasis. I discontinued the remicade and the psoriasis is slowly fading away. It has taken about 8 months though. Some people unfortunately have issues with remicade causing other autoimmune problems. Talk to your GI about switching to something else. I went natural and have been feeling great with diet and supplements.

Lady Organic

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hello JLSJLS,

are you feeling any better? there is a section of treatment in the forum where your post could possibly bring more attention there. let us know how you go and if an explanation has been found for your pains.. wishing you well.
Other than your pregnancy my story is very similar. I was on remicade for a year and a half. Got pneumonia 3 times last year, so we decided no more remicade. In Jan, I was tapering down to 5 mg when I got these unbelievable joint pains. Also ran fever for no reason and felt awful. My GI bumped me to 20 mg. Prednisone and the symptoms eases. She sent me to my family doc for blood work and it came back with ANA high positive for lupus. Also showed decreased kidney function. I have to admit that I am more than a little freaked out.

I am being referred to a rhumatologist and am anxious to hear what they think