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Remicade induced psoriasis

I am currently 23 years old and have been taking remicade since I was diagnosed in 2014. The problem is, this year my dermatologist told me I have remicade induced psoriasis, and it has continued to spread all over my body. I really want to switch to humira or stelara, but I don’t know if that would stop my psoriasis. Anyone have this problem too or have any advice?
This will seem totally off the wall but since I had immediate and lasting results ridding myself of psoriasis I will explain how I did it.

I have been treating my Crohn’s using Rife frequency treatments and my first success using it for Crohn’s was by accident. Most of us are aware of the connection between mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis or MAP and Crohn’s disease. I found two sources of frequencies that could possibly kill MAP. I was actually using them to hopefully improve my Crohns. As it turned out it rid me of my psoriasis in one twenty minute treatment.

I ran seven of forty some frequencies listed and immediately felt tingling on the psoriasis. It puffed up and totally healed in the next couple of weeks. As fast as the skin could heal basically. Still have scars from scratching it so much but no more psoriasis.

Yeah, I know there is not supposed to be a practical way of killing MAP but my experience tells me that MAP does cause at least some forms of psoriasis and it really is not very difficult to kill it using this method. I have had far more difficult bacterium to deal with in my ten years of use. MAP isn’t one of them.

There are doctors and other practitioners that use Rife machines but you have to dig to find them. They don’t advertise it as its not approved but many will let you use theirs often for free. I have my own and have let one doctor use it in the past.

So if you find a machine to use run these frequencies for twenty minutes each. If the machine can run multiple frequencies at one time, as mine does, you can run them all at once.

Frequencies are in hertz: 860.2, 590, 825.7, 824.5, 937.4, 529.3, 2075

If your psoriasis is caused by MAP, which is highly likely given you have Crohn’s, that should resolve it. You will want to retreat later on to make sure it is all gone from the skin. It would take more treatments to rid it from deeper in the body but not for the psoriasis.

Worst that can happen is it won’t work. That’s possible as I don’t know that all psoriasis is caused by MAP, but I do know mine was.