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Remicade is such a general medication, a different biological might be more effective,,i’m wondering

How long have you been on Remicade? If it's working, then why stop? If it loses it's effectiveness, then it would be time to consider. What is your current dose and has it been working for you?


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Yes it does lose effectiveness. When? Differs for each person. My older daughter lasted almost 7 years. She started hobbling along on it at 4 years. My younger daughter has been on it 4 years and still going strong. We have met people who have been on it 12 years. Our GI explains that after some time of the tnf being surpressed the body up regulates other mechanisms of inflammation.


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I've been on it for close to 14 years now, still working however I have had some other inflammatory issues start popping up, but nothing so far that warrants me stopping....