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Remicade & IVF anyone mixed them??

Hi there, I am 41 & my husband & I conceived our first child easily back in 2008, despite the fact that I'd had Crohn's related surgery in 2006, but at that time the Crohn's was undiagnosed. However, after problems through 2011 & 2012 and going onto Remicade since October 2012, my husband & I are struggling to conceive. We've been trying since May 2013 & have had all the tests: sperm, bloods, hysterosalpingogram & ultrasound & everything is ok which is hopeful. It's just sitting in the 'unexplained fertility' folder though! Our only other option is IVF. My concerns are this: Remicade suppresses the immune system & there are suggestions that taking it makes you weaker to fight anything & I mean anything that affects health. Therefore, do I want more meds in my system from IVF bearing in mind the risks that come with IVF drugs & the chances of Remicade possibly making me weaker to those risks if that makes sense? Any advice?....one nervous lady here! : )


Naples, Florida
In my years on this forum, this is the first time I've seen your question asked. Maybe someone will pop up who has been through the same, though.

You may think of asking your doctor to contact Janssen Medical (the makers of Remicade) to see if they have any data or insights.

What a hard decision for you! :( Whatever way you go, please let us know.

We're here for you.