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Remicade - lab test frequency? (adults)

I am wondering how often you get blood work while on maintenance Remicade and in remission. If you know what your doctor checks, I'd be interested to know that too!
- mom of an adult with Crohn's
My doctor never orders tests. Once a year I have an appointment. I really think testing should be done. :confused2:
Every time I go in for an infusion (4 week interval) they will draw blood right beforehand for labs. Regular tests include CBC and liver panel. Sometime she monitors ferritin/iron, crp, etc too.


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New York, USA
I get bloods drawn every other infusion - so every 4 months. I've been in remission for a while, if there are issues with any bloodwork it would get done more frequently.

I get a full CBC, liver panel, and others. I also get B and D vitamins checked but not every draw.