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Remicade Levels

Our son has been on remicade for his Crohn's disease since December of 2015. In the late spring of this year it was discovered that he has a 5.11 inch stricture in his terminal ileum. We met with a surgeon over the summer who did not recommend surgery this time. Historically his remicade levels have been good, with no antibodies detected, and the doctor considers our son to be in remission at this time.

As he is going for his remicade this Friday, he goes every 8 weeks, we asked the levels were at his last infusion. We were advised they are 13. Previously they were 57 and 24.

Should we be concerned at this drop or trend downward? Currently, he does not show any outward signs of the disease.

Dan and Carol

my little penguin

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Could be weight gain or timing of the draw
Most kids gain weight or grow or both
Some burn through it faster and just need more remicade or more frequent remicade
You should ask your gi
I forget what therapeutic levels are
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