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Remicade not working

Hi all, I'm new here. 47 year old male, had Crohn's since I was 20, has been inactive most of my adult life. Been troubling me in last three years and have had various steroid, imuran, Mesacol treatments. None of which have really worked so I have had three Remicade infusions, two and six weeks apart and each one 5mg per kilo.

I feel worse and MRI couple of weeks ago showed new activity as well as the old inflammation still there. My Doc has told me to carry on with infusions but to double the dose. I'm reluctant as I've seen no positive effects and I have to pay for my own medication.

I live in Bali where health care is sub standard so have been treated at Bumrungrad in Bangkok which is well reputed.

Has anyone else had infusions which haven't worked but then seen the benefits when they've doubled the dose? I'd really appreciate some feedback. Thanks.