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Remicade peak effectiveness?

My Daughter has been thru the loading doses of Remicade, along with 2 infusions now.

Today she had her first follow-up appt. with our GI, since starting Remicade.

Our GI said that it feels like there still may be some inflamation in there, but not to worry, as it takes about 6 months for Remicade to really work effectively.

I haven't heard that before. Just wondering if that sounds reasonable, or it that's pretty standard?


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My experience with my son has been - started remicade in Febuary when CRP was 6.5, labs in April showed CRP at 0.3.

However, when we discussed testing of effectiveness, his GI wanted to give remicade time to work and waited until August to do MRE. August MRE showed significant improvement, a stricture seen before no longer apparent and improvement of wall thickening, however, it did still some some mild wall thickening. So, it seems that healing does take some time (and, I'm sure everyone responds differently).

My son's GI also ran tests to check for remicade levels and antibodies a day before the 4th infusion (which would have been the first one at the 'routine, 8week' schedule). This test showed no remicade left in his blood so he was moved to a six week schedule.
Thanks Tess,

That does sound reasonable then. I think that my Daughter should be checked for Remicade levels, as she has commented that she does get some pain about a week before her infusion. Perhaps moving to 6 weeks might be a good choice for her as well.