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Remicade question?

remicade question?

Hey folks, been on remicade for a year and a half, been great but the last eight weeks it's been like i never had it? has anyone found that it begins to work again without a dose escalation or rescue dose?? I am for another infusion this week.
I wish I knew. I have been on it a year now too, and I notice I am getting more and more breakthrough symptoms, even inflammation in my esophagus. I know some people redo their loading dose when it stops working, or the go from 5 mg/kg to 10 mg/kg. Or they get it more often.
Hey B-rad,

I know that you can either increase the dose, or you ask for them to give you your treatment sooner than eight weeks...kinda like a super boost to the system instead of increasing your dose right off. If Increasing time between doses doesnt work, maybe a higher dose....or time to think of other options.
if you start to flare up they may either reduce it to every 6 weeks or they may give you one double dose a one off and that usually does the trick. i used to find that i would become very ill 2 weeks before my infusion. unfortunatley the remission from remicade does not last forever and completley stopped working for me after 5 years, but i hope you get a while longer out of it as it is a great drug...definatley let them know when you go.
all the best! hannah
thanx for the replies, kinda felt this was the general direction things were going in, but good to hear from those who have been there.

When I was on remicade it worked great at first, but then the time between infusions kept getting shorter and shorter. First it was 8 weeks, then 6.. then 4.. then eventually I made the switch to humira. Boy, the one good thing about humira is not having to sit in the hospital with an IV. Comfort of your own home :)