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Remicade Question

How long are you supposed to be on remicade before it takes affect?

And how long can you be on it?
remicade worked the next day for me. the difference was incredible. i was alsmot symptom free within two days but this is different for everyone. cant help with your second question but im sure ive read on here that people have been on it for 4 or more years but i could be wrong.
i felt almost back to normal within a few days. It was like night and day. I could barely walk at the time of my first infusion, but I was playing tennis a few weeks later.

I think you can be on Remicade almost indefinitely. For many, it does tend to lose effectiveness over time, until it gets to the point that infusions are so frequent that it's not worth it. Some people also develop allergies to the murine component and consequently have to find another medication.

How is your son doing? I know he started Remicade recently. Has it been working for him?


remicade therapy

I started Remicade in March/April of this year. I've been getting the treatments religiously, but I went to the Dr. today and found out that it hasn't been working. I am still very tender in my stomach and have mild symptoms. So...make sure to let your dr. know if you do not become symptom free while on the Remicade.
I'm in the same situation as Mandy.

I started in July and while I did feel 100% better by the 3rd infusion, during the wait for the 4th and now 2 days after the 4th, I'm not well at all. I'm not in full flare, but I'm getting there.

My joints have also been hurting pretty badly. I feel like I'm 80 years old in my hips, fingers and shoulders. They are testing me in 4 weeks to see if I've developed antibodies. If so, I am not sure what they will do. Most likely take me off Remicade. I'm really bummed because I did feel so much better for awhile. The past 3 weeks however...I've slowly been increasing restroom trips and getting yee ol'stomach pains back. :depressed:


I have been getting Remicade treatments for a little less than a year. My doctor and I haven't figured out exactly how long I should wait between treatments. Sometimes I will get a flair up a week before i go in. When this happens, the treatment usually takes a couple of days, maybe even a week, to take full effect. It effects everyone differently, but perhaps you are in a similar situation.
I was told today on here that Remicide is the same as infliximab. If so, I was on Infliximab for a year and a half.

The results for me were amazing. It was the best I felt in the last 20 years.
I was on a 10 week cycle. After the first week, I would feel great and up until week 9. Then slowly the symptoms would return until after the first week again.

Unfortunately, I had a mild seizure of sorts during an infusion and my Doc took me off it immediately.

As for how long you can be on it, I'm sorry I don't know. But My Doc did say the same as RHOV that it did lose effectiveness over time.


Im still hurting even on remicade for close to a year now. And i had surgery.