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Remicade rash?

My son has developed a rash on his chest. He’s on prednisone also so I’m not sure which meds are causing this...any experience with this? He has his 2nd infusion tomorrow. Thanks!
I got a rash after first remicade infusion. It started on my chest/ abdomen a few days after infusion then spread so it was pretty much neck to groin. Looked like I had some kind of disease. Gradually faded. Second infusion I felt a bit grotty. Third infusion I got a fever during infusion that wouldn’t go away, felt kind of drunk/ dizzy for a few days, nauseous, weird, really high resting heart rate. Told the doc no more and he switched me to entyvio which was fine and no side effects.
However I believe others get the rash and no other issues.
It’s a very individual disease. A drug that works beautifully for one does nothing or can’t be tolerated by someone else. Ditto diet.
I understand humira is very similar to remicade but made from something less reactive, haven’t tried it yet myself.
So I suppose just keep going, keep an eye on your boy, hopefully remicade will help but if his body decides it doesn’t like it, there is other stuff out there.
On a positive note, remicade in one dose dropped my systemic inflammation as measured by CRP level in blood from 90 to 2 (it’s supposed to be less than 5, my doc freaked out when it was 36 and put me on high dose steroids). So it is very effective and should be helping your boy already.
I hope all goes well for him xx
Thank you for responding! I hope it works for him and that these side effects are minimal and temporary. Glad to hear something worked for you...Wishing you well!


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I had a rash that popped up a few years ago after a bout with strep - it was a pseudo-psoriasis/Gutatte Psoriasis - if you look that up you can compare pictures...I still get random spots that pop up, most recently on the insides of my ankles with flaky skin. However for the the Remicade benefits outweigh the discomfort/look of the 'rash.

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Ds had a rash on his chest and hands from remicade - later on his face. Dermatologist stated she would deal with the rash since he needed remicade .
Unfortunately after 8 months he had an allergic reaction during and infusion . Since it was mild they tried again with solumedrol pre treat
Still reacted so he was switched to humira without any issues or rashes either .

fingers crossed it goes away