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Remicade relief is slowing..thinking of switching to Humira


Just joined today...I am an old guy ( lol but at least I have lived with Crohns for 50 years....better than the alternative.....and proof that something else will finish you off before Crohns !)

Treaments at first.. lots of surgery...then prednisone....and a variety of others.....been on Remicadee for 10 years.......had many years of relief...now flare ups are constant and Remicade does not seem effective any more.......no antibodies though..

Gastro guy suggests adding Imuran to the daily intake and switching from Remicadee to Humira....any advice ?
Thanks in advance


Unfortunately it might be pooping out on you. Humira and Cimzia are both biologics that should function the same way. Hopefully one of those will land you back into remission.