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Remicade still working?

Hello! I was wondering is anyone knows of any signs that remicade has stopped working? I haven't been having bm's everyday like I used to. Instead maybe 3-4 times a week. Also I have lost about 6 pounds in the last 5 weeks. I haven't been exercising either. I guess I have been eatting a little less, but not enough to explain weight loss. Also I have been having some aches where my where my crohns is. I have had 6 infusions and am scheduled for my 7th in 5 weeks. Any advice would be great!
I started Remicade in January, and I was never able to make it for the full 8 weeks between infusions before I started having symptoms again. My GI upped the dose to 500 mL (over 10 mL per kg) and I get it every 6 weeks. So far, it seems to be working. Remicade loses its effectiveness over time, so it may not be working as well for you any more!


Im on remicade and it works. It helps with every internally but not with wat you eat. Im on a 8-week time but I had blood work recently since i have been hurting and its working because i have no problems right now inside. So now i just need to tackle my diet. Higher dose of it should work, They can check with blood work and if you want it and they let you move up and it should help you!
I'm on 7.5mL/kg every six weeks. I was on eight weeks but then it stopped working. I've been on Remicade for a year now. I"m hoping that it works or else I'm going to be talking to the GI doc on Nov. 3rd about switching to Tysabri.
i no its not exactly what this thread is about but im starting remicade on thursday and was wondering how long it takes to notice it working? im in a pretty bad state at the minute, steroids arent working, surgery isnt an option as ive got too much inflammation in different parts of the bowel, and im in pretty much 24/7 agony. my doctor said it worked quite quickly but didnt say precisely how long quickly would be. i assume its different for different people but it would still be nice to see what i might b able 2 expect. thanks


I was on Remicade for 8 years before I noticed it to not be as effective. When I was first starting it, I used to be able to go 8 weeks. Towards the end of the 8 year span, I noticed that around 5 weeks I would start to feel symptoms again.


What exactly did you guys notice when you say the Remicade started working?? Details would be very much appreciated. I'm going for my 4th infusion next week (5ml/kg) and it seemed to do something for me the second time around.
well after my first infusion the next day i felt almost crohn's free. pains had become almost non-existent and i going to the toilet once a day instead of once every 4 days as i had been before the infusion. it was honestly like a miracle, after 3 or 4 days i felt nearly 100% fine although things have dropped slightly on day 8 after the first infusion. im back for my second one on thursday.