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Remicade stopped worked

Hi all,

I am on highest dosage of remicade which is 10mg/kg every 4 weeks. I was not into remission but it was keeping all my symptoms under control. Now my insurance denied 4 weeks infusions by seeing my remicade levels are normal. I am on my 6th week and had all my symptoms back. Ery badly doctor told me remicade might stopped working for you and he suggested to have colonoscopy in his hospital and my crapy insurance declined that one as well asking me to go to some small clinic but my doctor mentioned he has a special equipment to provide some treatment for bowel wal thickness so he is highly recommending his place. I am currently in job transition so everything I can get it done as soon as I switch my job.

Note: when I was on medicines like pentasa when I stopped the medication the symptoms use to take like 3 to 4 months to be strongly effective now with biological looks like one week is enough😥

That was my story so my question is what drug is good after remicade?
The major current choices of biologics after Remicade are:

Humira (same mechanism of action as Remicade)

and you might be able to access some newer ones such as Skyrizi, with some effort/insurance appeals.

Personally, if I were you I'd try to get either Skyrizi or Stelara next. Many people have success after Remicade with these. I'd recommend getting your current inflammation status well characterized before starting with tests such as a colonoscopy and an MRE, so you can prove what the next drug is doing for you.