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Remicade to Humira - Don't think its working

I had to do the switch from Remicade to Humira since we found out I built antibodies to it and I no longer had any Remicade in my system. I only ended up finding out since I was having bad arthritic pain and my GI doc recommended we do the test to check my levels and so we did. But I was having NO GI symptoms and haven't for a very long time. I had a small episode back in October where I had urgent bowel movements but after a few weeks on Prednisone it cleared up. I didn't even consider it bad at all and wouldn't even call it a flare.

I switched to Humira in February and ever since then I feel like I have symptoms at least once a week. Mainly urgent loose bowel movements. I even had an accident while out for a run one day. Now I'm terrified to not be near a bathroom for longer than 30 minutes. Last week I started having constant bathroom trips so I made an appointment with my GI and got myself back on Prednisone. I saw him a few days ago and he is now concerned because the urgency is normally not associated with the area of Crohn's I was diagnosed with by colonoscopy back in 2016. So he briefly mentioned rectal disease but said we still need to give Humira a longer try before we say no all together. He knows we would like to try for another baby at the end of the year so he doesn't want to put me on the drugs that are not good for pregnancy.

I thought the prednisone was working but then this morning I had two episodes right as I was leaving work work (I live 30 minutes from work and have to drop my daughter off at daycare). You can see how stressful that can be every day! So I increased my prednisone dosage and now I'm taking 40mg to help clear it up. I feel helpless. I thought I was on the mend and now I'm back to eating bread and chicken and broth.

So my questions are: how long did you have to go before you saw Humira working? Did you ever feel like your symptoms got worse once you got on it? How long did you and your doc give it a try before you decided it wasn't working?? If you found it wasn't working and you can't go back to Remicade where did you go next??

I was diagnosed in 2016 and it scares me that I may have already exhausted 2 biologics. I'm only 30 and still want to have more kids (and feel like hopefully I have 50 more years of life ahead). Our first was a miracle baby right after the flare that diagnosed it all and I'm forever grateful for her but I just don't want to be done.

Sorry for the long rant but I just feel defeated right now with my disease.