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Remicade to Renflexis & back?

Has anyone been on Remicade, switched to Renflexis & then went back to Remicade? Remicade was the biologic of choice for 10 + years. Then hospital sends letter that I had to change, so I did. Renflexis was started Feb. 2019. I have a desire to go back to Remicade because my body has so much inflammation throughout it. My GI tract looks great & for the first time I get 2 years between scopes, Yeah for me, right? But, the inflammation issue is causing mobility problems. Remicade helped with this problem much better, the reason why I want to go back to Remicade. I am curious if anyone else has switched, and if so, did Remicade still do it's job?

my little penguin

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Are you seeing a rheumatologist?
Ds developed arthritis while on humira
By adding methotrexate and increasing humira his arthritis was able to calm down

good luck