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Remicade vs. Avsola?

My doctor has prescribed by Remicade for my perianal Crohn’s disease. My Crohn’s is located in the anal area. I’ve had a superficial fistula that was cut open and is still not healing after 9 months. The anal area has ulcers and stricture. I feel confident the Remicade will help me and I’ve finally accepted that I have to start an infusion. I’ve been terrified and avoiding this for over a year now. I’ve researched Remicade and perianal Crohn’s for months and there is a lot of research showing Remicade to help my particular problem. However, I’ve been informed my insurance will not accept Remicade. It is only accepting Avsola (infliximab-axxq). It concerns me to take this because it is a “bio similar” that has not been on the market as long as Remicade. I believe the FDA approved it in 2019. Does anyone have an experience with Avsola? I don’t really understand the difference between Remicade and Avsola or what a bio-similar means. I just know I don’t see any articles or research proving that Avsola has helped people with my type of Crohn’s disease. I am willing to get off my job’s insurance and pay out of pocket for a different better insurance that would accept it. But I don’t know if that’s reasonable to do. I just am afraid to take something that is not the exact same thing as Remicade and does not offer any research that proves it’s helped people with my condition.
I'm no expert in the exact manufacture process.

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