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Remicade vs. Humira

For me, and most, its not a "which do you like best" its more of a "which one stopped working for you". Humira is easier because you administer it at home, but it hurts a little. Remicade comes in the form of 3-5 hour infusions which can get pretty boring. I started on Remicade and loved it until it stopped working, I'm currently on Humira now and have been for about 10 months now.
May 31, 2010



I was presented with Remicade at a time when it was the only “alternative drug” that had then been invented. As my body grew tolerant of the Initial Dose, I had to keep increasing the Dosage – and then even the Frequency of the Infusions. This was a MAJOR pain the butt since I had to go to some Hospital-type facility to have it infused. My body started to then have some strange reactions to the Remicade and once thing led to another and I was put in Humira. The Humira was SO MUCH EASIER because it was self-administered and just as effective but I soon had some reactions to it and I am now on a injectible drug called “Cimzia.”

I gave you the above history because it was my understanding that these drugs were not “discretionary” but were more different “lines of defense” due to their respective organic properties. I am not a scientist but it was explained to me in layman’s terms that the Researchers keep making Strides and these Advancements are making the drugs more “pure” and less artificially-supported. Accordingly, it would seem to make sense to start at Remicade and then if you have problems you can always go to Humira and then Cimzia, etc. However, there are also Costs Concerns, Lifestyle Concerns, etc.

Having said all that, I wouldn’t underestimate the psychological effect of one of these drugs “failing” for you and then not having more choices left. In that regard, I would listen to your Doctor and start where he or she thinks you should start. Then if you run into problems, you can always go to these other drugs –and to the drugs that are being invented as we speak. Good luck.
I was on Remicade for 3months when I started developing new problems.I began getting abcesses the size of grapefruits.Due to internal bleeding from the abcesses bursting and toxins being released into my body I almost lost my life for a 3rd time.I ended up with an abcess again that was next to my ostomy that instead of dumping waste into the bag it was leaking out a hole that had formed in my skin and again released toxins into my body at which time my husband had just deployed to Iraq.They moved my bag found two abcesses that burst and a hernia.Later that year my rectum and the rest of my large intestine along with more of my small intestine was removed to help with internal bleeding and hopefully stop me from getting abcesses.I just started taking Humira and I like the fact that I take it at home.I get wore out a little with some nausea and hair loss but I haven't seen a problem like I had with Remicade and I can't deal better with these symptoms then I can with another surgery.