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Remicade vs. Humira

Hi everybody, I know this subject has been covered before and I have searched some of the older posts, but I am posting it again in hopes of maybe getting some fresh perspectives and possibly find people that may be willing to answer specific questions I have.

I had a doctor's appointment today and he is recommending that I start both Imuran and Remicade or Humira, and I am trying to decide which to do. My background is that I was diagnosed with Crohn's colitis in 2003. I have been on Imuran and Remicade in the past. At the time, I was specifically looking for help with fistulas which did not necessarily work , but I tolerated and did well on both of these medications. However, I quit both of them following my 2nd fistula surgery (2009) because I was in remission and was trying to conceive. I remained in remission without any meds until last year, when I had a flare which appeared to be controlled with prednisone, but eventually returned a month or two after tapering off the pred. Currently I have been unable to taper under 30mg of pred without my symptoms returning and have developed a painful fissure and continue to lose weight, despite eating well.

I was initially planning on starting Imuran only, but my doc today said he thinks I will have better success taking a combo of Imuran and a biologic. My questions are this:

Is this a normal (or aggressive) course of treatment?
Are there pros and cons to taking both over only one or the other?
Should I opt for the Remicade or the Humira?
Has anyone been able to tolerate Remicade and not Humira or vice versa?
Is one or the other more effective in treating Crohn's colitis vs. other forms of Crohn's?

I am leaning toward the Remicade because I have taken it before and know that I am able to tolerate it. On the other hand, Humira seems to be more convenient because I do not have to go get the infusions.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice, I would greatly appreciate it!


The problem here is discontinuing Remicade may have ruined your ability to use it for the rest of your life because your body has had time to develop the antibodies against it, so before you even make a choice you should probably have your HACA levels checked. I can see why you stopped the Azathioprine while trying to get pregnant but why the Remicade? It's not known to cross the placenta and discontinuing treatment can lead to the drug being rendered ineffective, and not treating your CD will always lead to your remission being shorter and flares more intense.