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Remicade vs new biosimilar meds

I got a letter from my insurance company today that they will no longer cover my Remicade infusions and want me to switch to one of the new biosimilar meds. Does anyone have experience with this? I’ve been on Remicade over 4 years with pretty good results.
I used Infliximab for quite a while, and it was just as effective for me. I just started on the newest one, Renflixis (first dose three weeks ago), and have recently started to see a return of my RA symptoms. However, I don't know if that's due to the Renflixis or the fact that my doctor cut my Aza dose in half because I'd lost 40 pounds over the past year. I'm going to ask my doctor if I can return to the full dose of Aza to determine if it's the Renflixis that caused the change.
Thanks for the reply! I’ll be switching to Inflectra. I hope you figure things out and get feeling better soon!
I'm in the same position as of last week. I've been on Remicade since June 2012 and now my insurance denied it and wants me to switch. I've had good success with Remicade and the thoughts of changing just because of insurance preference is really hard to think about.
I have been put in a similar situation. I was on Remicade for about 10 years. In Februrary I switched infusion clinics in an attempt to stay on Remicade and then end of March I ended up being forced by insurance to make the switch. I've had two infusions since and have noticed more frequency of BM. I have yet to determine if they are regulatory or sporadic in nature. I also have experienced a decrease or lack of energy across the board. With Remicade I would have a jolt of energy with in a day of infusion followed by 4-5 weeks of good energy that was noticeably decreased by end of week 5. On Renflexis I just feel like I'm lagging and require more sleep.