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Remicade wearing off...oops


Looks like at week 6 of a 8 week separation.

Aug 12 - Oct 7th

On Sept 22nd, my Crohns symptoms came back in full effect.
The week of 15th-22nd I started getting nauseous again and then gradually it progressed into worsening trips to the restroom.

Yesterday was a 4 trip today and today is already up to 5 and it's just 2:30pm.

I'm going to guess that 8 weeks between treatments is too big of a gap for me atm.

Anyone else experience this?

The good news is that I've lost weight again lol.
Thanks Mike!

My appt is Tues so I'm just going to wait it out until then. I did "enjoy" a full night of UP and DOWN to the restroom last night though. UGH.

I didn't have that problem before with my Crohns, the GI doc said I was very lucky. Well this time, you bet your butt (no pun intended) that I have night time problems. Going to be a very long day at work and I'm going to be wearing a path from my desk to the office RR again.
This was my first 8 week stretch so just a few months. Maybe 4 months-ish.

I hope you don't have to have surgery. They say once you start that you usually have to go back for more and more. =(
I thought Remicade was supposed to be every six weeks after the initial doses, but I could be mistaken. I was on Remicade back some time ago during high school, and only got through the first 3 infusions before my flare ups and symptoms came back. I'm supposed to start Humira on Thursday, and am hoping that will work. I don't mean to "alienate" anybody, but it seems for the most part, most people on this thread seemed to have success with it. I feel like my Crohn's isn't as bad as some people's, as it is only in the lower part of my colon, and the only symptom I have is bloody loose stools, but it would be nice if Humira could get my Crohn's completely into remission.


Hey Kittee, what improvements exactly do you see after you have your Remicade infusions? Also, how long does it take for you to see these improvements (next day, etc.)?
Well, the hospital messed up a little today. They were supposed to take blood work BEFORE the infusion to check if I'm developing antibodies but they did not do so. So I have to go back in, in 4 weeks. Doc thinks my joint pain may be because I'm developing antibodies. =/
I know I just came out of left field with this but I do remember having joint pain before coming off of Remicade (built up antibodies). I was on the max dose and getting it once every 4 weeks and it seemed like it would only last for two, thats when I decided to try something else but the Humira has seemed to only make things worse. I really hope things work out for you though! Remicade was an awesome drug when it did work for me!


Hey Kittee, (it's Ls1krab, btw) so it took about 6 weeks before you saw any improvement. Specifically, what did you notice improving though?
No more "swallowed glass" feeling after eating and over time my trips to the rest room and nausea subsided.