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Remission how long?

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remission how long?

hi guys :p

was wondering whats the longest you have been in remission for?
touch wood mine has bin sinse my surprise rush op in 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 year after my ileostomy operation and since then ive been up n down all the time and trying out this and that drugs etc.


Well I have been in remission I guess for 2 months now. I do not know what my "longest" can be considered, because I am feeling now the best I have since I was diagnosed.


I was in for a year and a half, complete remission with just Remicade infusions every 8 weeks, not too bad at all. It was the first time in 4 years that I have been able to live my life as a completely normal person.

However at the end of march I had an ileocolectomy and since then I have been back to being really ill again.

The razorblade feeling is back :(

However, I have hope that if I was once in remission that with enough willpower I can get there again. I think the stress of the surgery and the stress of the healing process put my body under unnecessary stress, and stress is DEFINITELY my biggest trigger over anything else.


hmmm.....well-i dont know really what remission means-NO symptoms at all?no 'd'?...for the past 18 months(tho the first year was by far the worst)i have always had some symptoms of something to do with crohns..rheumatoid arth. scleritis...not as bad 'd' as last year-but i am constantly changing tablets to find a suitable one so i spose i'm not in remissin til we find something that works....is that right?
i still feel a ton better than the'end of my tether night' last november when i found a few like minds who were also awake in the wee small hours(good job we werent sharing the bathroom ay?)on a crohns forum..i shall be forever grateful(in a quiet way not in a bouncing all over them puppy dog kind of way)to two guys in particular..they know who they are!!
they didnt do a lot but just to know they were there....

kitty-gettin nostalgic for th' 'ol' days!....not....


well this is the first time that i have been in remission since diagnosis and its hard to define when i went into remission but i came off pred in march so i spose since then but there was medicated remission in about dec


About a 1 1/2 yrs after my first dose of pred. Unfortunatly I have been flaring on and off for about 1-2 yrs now and getting fed up with it.


aprox 3 months and counting! lol
hope it last a really long time, dont think I like the thought of going back.


I would guess 9, almost 10 years. With no flare-ups, I had to have surgery during that time, but it was because of scar tissue. When I had a flare, I almost didn't know what it was, I think it was more I didn't want to admit to myself what it was.