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Remission start

Some of us go through periods of remission and flareups. Can you share how was your remission induced in the past? Was it specific medication, diet, or it just happened spontaneously?

In my case, there are two episodes where my condition improved substantially.

#1 Diet change. I was on SCD for a very long time, and decided to change the diet. I removed meat, and introduced grains. This helped almost right away and it lasted for few months. I noticed my condition sometimes improves if I make a radical change in a diet. As if my body becomes allergic to foods I eat often.

#2 This one is strange. I was down with a flu. I was very sick. Usually a flu to me is just a headache and a running nose, but this one was serious. I felt aches in my whole body and was sleeping most of the day. I decided to take Ciprofloxacin (flagyl, metronidazole) hoping that an antibiotic may help not only with Crohns but also with the flu. It was the first time I was taking Cipro. It was reluctantly prescribed to me by my doctor - he didn't believe it would work. But it did. I was in a full remission and had normal BM for the next few months. Unfortunately my condition got worse later that year, and using Cipro again didn't help like the first time. I am still puzzled but this.
Since Crohn's results in increased intestinal permeability, food molecules that wouldn't normally get into tissues get exposed to the immune system. The result is that over time Crohn's patients do seem to become sensitive to a wide variety of foods. A big change in diet could definitely help with that, at least temporarily until new sensitivities develop.

Cipro and flagyl both have a positive effect on Crohn's, and they're known not to work every time. I also have a guess that maybe the fever from the flu helped your immune system fight off some pathogens in your intestines, which contributed to your remission.