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remission was short lived

Welp...not only was my remission over-rated (I still felt crappy from other illnesses and crohn's complications), it was also very short. I am flaring a gain after only a few short months of remission. On a taper of prednisone now but disappointing and sad. Hoping I can avoid the hospital and it doesn't get too out of hand...Boooo. :(
Aww that sucks. I feel your pain. I was doing awesome on Remicade...for 2 weeks. It was so disappointing. It had just got me symptoms free after injection 5 then 2 weeks later, bam, cramping and blood in stool (that had previously disappeared). Its really hard to constantly go from feeling decent back to crap. I hope your flare up is short.
For now yes. I had been on every 4 week after my induction (as I didn't respond to it) and after 2 four week infusions I am suppose to be try to stretch to 8 weeks. The symptoms aren't horrible, I could live with them but it is for sure not the same as the first 2 weeks were after my last infusion.