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Remission :)

Hi all. I just thought I'd let you know that I am in remission thanks to Imuran and a low-res diet. I find it a little depressing seeing all the frustration and hopelessness on the forum, so I figured it might help atleast someone to hear someone say something positive.


I've gained 17 pounds in 3 weeks, after struggling with malabsorption for over a year. I'm now a healthy weight, and gaining. Soon as I'm up to 150, I'm going to begin working out, in hopes that I'll build up some bulk for my next flare up.

My butt hurts, because my imuran is impairing the healing of my seton, and my surgeon decided to cauterize the area a bit.... a lot... BUT, I'm well enough to take drugs for pain, which I couldn't do, because it constipated me... causing cramps. The same cramps that I'm not getting anymore!!

It's lovely. I've still got a ways to go before full remission, but I'm able to live again.

I suppose that kinds soundy braggy, and some of you are like "well GOOD for you. jerk." But I figured I could also make someone hopeful.

So to all you still struggling to live: I'm praying for you. I'm grateful for you all, for being supportive during tough times, and giving me people to look up to. Get well soon! :hug:


Hi Nchuleftingth,

THAT IS GREAT NEWS! It is always nice to read of a success story :).

I wish you only the best and hope the good health continues.
Its always nice to hear about remissions. My daughter was diagnosed 3 1/2 months ago. She now only is on Endocort and an anti acid and seems to be doing really well too. she can't take 6MP or Pentasa b/c of reactions.
Dr is talking about remicade; which I am not sure why she would need that right now if she is doing good; I would rather wait to use those stronger drugs when really needed.
I think the meds have been harder on her than the disease itself sometimes!
Hi M2M

It's brilliant to hear when there is a remission, I am living proof, I was diagnosed 24 yrs ago age 11, I have had to good remissions of two years and 4 1/2 yrs and have had two children in the last remission, I'm in a relapse at the moment but am working hard to get back. Your daughter is lucky to have you on her side, my mum has been and still is my ROCK without her over the years I would have been lost. The meds can be harder than the disease sometimes esp when you are trying to find one that works but take each day as it comes and know there are better ahead.
Thank you Gwen pippy; it certainly has seemed to be a long road already and she was just diagnosed in Feb. It amazes me on how many of my friends dont' even get it; they are like oh; oh thats manageable. well yes it is; but it certainly is still hard for my 24 year old daughter to deal with! geez! and then when she had these reactions; one put her in the hospital for 4 days!
I always thought that I could deal with anything that was to do with me; like if I got sick.. but having my daughter go thru this has been the hardest thing I have EVER had to deal with. I lost 10 lbs already just b/c of nerves and anxiety.
I pray everyday for her & for all of you dealing with this. Let's all pray for some miracle medicine with no side affects! :)
It is a long road and people just don't get it unless they are the ones suffering or in your case the one watching like my mum. She saw everything I went through and I know it breaks her heart but she has also watched me go into remission and see me have children of my own, so there is good to come out of it.
The drug reactions can be very tough, do I try the meds and possibly have reactions or resist and maybe miss out on a drug that will work for me, I have been there so many times.

You are doing great job just being by her side, but please mind yourself also, don't let crohns take over your health, 10lbs is a lot to lose.

Thank you for your prayers
Congratulations! I'm on my way, as well. I love it! And yes, I also feel a little braggy but I think it helps with people who are frustrated (like I was) to know that you WILL get better!
I hope your remission lasts a lifetime!