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Replacement for flour


I decided to try the SCD diet. I'd like to know what I could use to replace flour.

I know I'm allowed to use ground almond. What other nuts are allowed? Is pumpkin seed flour ok?

Almond flour and coconut flour are the main substitutes, a bit pricey (shop around and look online, i've seen almond flour for $20/kg and i've seen it for $80/kg.......
Hundreds of recipes on line, but mileage may vary....

If you have a blender you can make flours from SCD legal nuts and seeds, this is cheaper and it is much fresher (nuts oxidise much faster once ground)

My experience is that almond flour and coconut flour can make great cakes but very average breads. A light touch is needed (folding rather than beating)
Coconut flour is extremely absorbent so a little goes a long way.

.................but can i just jump in with something you probably don't want to hear?

Most people seem to switch from a diet to high in grains to a diet to high in nuts, replace sugar with honey and wonder why it isn't working (and then come on to forums to tell everyone that SCD doesn't work, but that's another story).

Just eating foods from the SCD 'legal' list is NOT the same as doing the SCD diet,
It may have great benefit, and might be enough, but strictly speaking, SCD is an elimination diet,[1]
The diet is reduced to a bare minimum of foods perceived to be safe[2], and then food are gradually reintroduced, one at a time, to see if they are tolerated[3]. If a food is not tolerated then it is left out of the diet until it is retested at a later stage.
On top of this there are four SCD legal foods that should be eliminated (and reintroduced/tested) if the diet doesn't work for you[4]

SCD is only one option, and rather that repeat myself, have a look at this post if you are interested in SCD and similar diets

[1]"This is accomplished by beginning the diet with extremely easy to digest, natural foods. This “intro diet” starts the healing the process and then more complex foods are added back to the diet very slowly. By carefully adding foods back to the diet the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is individually tailored to each person’s state of injury and digestion abilities"
[2] The SCD Intro Diet
[3] Properly Introducing New Foods on SCD
The Stages of SCD
[4] The Four Dark Horsemen of SCD (What to Do When the Diet Isn’t Working)
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IDK if they are SCD legal but plantains and pumpkin can be used in baking similar to flour.

Plantains have many properties similar to potatoes and can be used to make chips, crackers, fries and various baked goods.

I doubt it's SCD safe but I've used ground oats for my baking needs for years.
I would go easy on the nuts and nut flours and exercise portion control with regard to baked goods. Snacking on nuts shouldn't be a replacement for eating a properly balanced meal. Baked goods should be consumed rarely as treat/reward/special occasion. They're not meant to fill the bulk of your diet being primarily meat, healthy oils/fats, vegetables, and fruit. If you must snack on nuts I would recommend Macadamia for the good omega 3 to 6 ratio, but they're a bit more expensive compared to other nuts.

Nuts contain phytic acid which binds to minerals and prevent absorption. Also many of them contain a pretty significant amount of polyunsaturated fat which you don't want to be getting a lot of unless it's in the form of Omega-3 EPA/DHA, which isn't going to be from nuts. Coconut flour is likely better in this regard since its mostly saturated fat.

There are also a lot of other wheat flour alternatives, but I'm not sure if they're SCD compliant.
Acorn starch, arrowroot flour, green banana flour, chestnut flour, lucuma powder, mesquite flour, plantain flour, sweet potato flour, and tapioca flour
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None of the starchy flours are SCD legal,
SCD restricts ALL complex carbs, although it has been demonstrated by other diets[1] that this may not be necessary once bacteria is under control
After a period on SCD you might want to switch to an easier diet (paleo 2.0, perfect health diet, SVD, Pegan) that allows starch in some forms, but the carbohydrate restriction could be an important part (along with probiotics) of bringing bacteria under control........

[1] SVD (semi-vegitarian diet for IBD , good diet, stupid name for a real food diet that includes meat)
Lifestyle-related disease in Crohn’s disease: Relapse prevention by a semi-vegetarian diet