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Ok . . .
I have a referral for a 2nd opinion going through the system, in the meantime, my Gastro who's done v.little useful and refused to treat me has sent me a review appt. We are going on wednesday, me and mum.
I intend to take with me enough research to be able to make a case for actually treating me with something crohns related.
Can anyone give me a reference for or link to . . . .
-info re: difference between IBD and IBS
-info about % of patients with crohns who have normal CRP

These are the 2 specific things he's challenging me over atm. Any other papers/journals would be useful!

Thankyou muchly!!

Interested in this myself as I also have a persistently low CRP despite a confirmed diagnosis of Crohn's and ongoing problems. I would copy and past something very interesting that I found on Google Books, but it will not let me. Give this a try...

Google "crohn's normal CRP" and look for a hit "Crohn's Disease: A Multidisciplinary Approach - Google Books Result". This should take you to Chapter 7 of a very interesting book "Crohn's Disease: A Multidisciplinary Approach
By Roberto Tersigni, Cosimo Prantera". Take a look at Page 65, Ref. 8. The references to the original papers are on Page 68.

Hope that helps.

@Astra, thats perfect!
@mark, do you want a copy of this journal?? I've downloaded the journal the reference comes from . . . it's a little scary, so if you're at all nervous about your treatments, you don't want it!! PM me your email if you decide you do want it!!
Thanks, that would be good. I can swap you a copy of the book as I've just managed to find that. PM me with a real world email and I'll send you a copy if you want.