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Results from Colonoscopy


Well I had my colonoscopy this morning. And now the results..

First I have to say that the prep I took yesterday (Pico-Salax) was the best one I have ever had. Now it obviously did not taste like chocolate cake, but I found it to be the easiest one to swallow.

Anyways, I was actually awake during about half of the actually colonoscopy, but it was not as bad an experience as the first time I had one. I think that I knew that I was likely going to wake up during it again, and I knew what it was like, so I was prepared. As soon as I woke up I just started to watch the tv and got to see the live footage of my intestines. Pretty interesting stuff :thumleft: .

Now the most important part of course.... the doctor said that there was no sign of active disease :mario2:.

I will now be on pentasa (instead of Flagyl), which actually is better in the sense that Pentasa has less possible side effects and does not require the avoidance of any substance. I have also been told that Pentasa or Imuran are really the best drugs to maintain remission, so I am glad the switch was made.

Overall a great result (through a not bad experience). :)


Yay that's great! I just got off Entocort and started Pentasa last week so it sounds like we're kinda in the same boat.


Congrats Mike .. all systems go ... well kinda .. lol .. hope it works for you!! im off all Crohns meds right now so its awesome.
that is great news, party time. a girl i know with crohn's said she just had one and that they changed the prep - which is awesome. cuz that stuff was nasty. i also just heard on the news that they are working on a new way to do a colonoscopy - fiber optics i think. supposed to be pain less. they showed the device, it is tiny with a little light at the end. won't be out for a few yrs though and only ppl who need it will get to use it ------- which will be uhhhhhh, US. hehehehe
cheers everyone
congrats on no active disease Mike :)
Ive been on imuran and pentasa for..um around 5 years and I cant tell a difference between when I take it and when I dont..with the pentasa anyway.

Waking up during that would not be something I want to experience. Last one I had I told the nurse doing the anesthetic stuff to BE SURE i did not remember any of this. I said that over and over..and I dont recall anything..which is great.

Anyway...hope all is well


great news Mike! you must be thrilled.
Ive watched every one of mine.. except the one down my throat.. I couldnt turn my head to watch the dam tv :) lol