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Results from entyvio

Hi all, I know entail is quite new so there's is a demand from the forum to know how it works out for people...

I just took my first loading dose last week and will go for my second dose on the 30th. So far I am still flaring, and am also taking prednisone, but I'll keep you updated when I get the next dose etc.
I just had my second infusion yesterday. Haven't noticed too much improvement. I was on Prednisone 30MG/day for a month or so prior to the first infusion and two weeks after. I started at 20MG/day yesterday. I don't know if the Prednisone is helping or Entyvio, but I am noticing a little bit of an improvement.

Supposedly you need 3 - 4 loading doses in you before you notice an improvement. It's wild that they space these infusions out for such a long period of time, seeing as when I started Humira years ago I had like four shots within an hour as my loading dose... And Humira seems to be much more toxic lol.
I will be having my second dose tomorrow also. I'm on 10 mg of pred and 100 mg of 6mp. So far I have felt a little better than when I started Entyvio. Let's see how it goes with the second dose tomorrow. [emoji120]🏻
Had 3 loading doses in six weeks, then a dose every other month. I took Dose 7 two weeks ago, no change for me, I am dropping Entyvio, will probably start on Remicade/Imuran.

The GI office I go to has 15 Entyvio patients, 10 it has worked for them, 5 it has not worked at all.