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Results from LDN?

My brother is suffering from Crohns. I have been doing numerous hours of research and I have stumbled across a lot of success stories from Low Does Naltrexone. (LDN) Has anyone had positive results and could recommend doctors that prescribes it. Anything would help and be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


Hey Troy -- first and foremost, best of luck to your brother. LDN isn't standard of care yet (meaning many doctors aren't usually quick to prescribe it, and some may be reluctant to prescribe it at all), and I'm not in California, so I can't comment on doctors that are willing to prescribe. That said, LDN is becoming a bit more well-known in the gastroenterology world as a select few studies and clinical trials continue.

I will say that, for me personally, LDN worked. However, the catch is that my improvement was VERY gradual -- so gradual, in fact, that I sometimes didn't really feel like I was getting better at all, and only when I looked back on my progress did I realize that I was feeling better than I had been, say, a few months before. Crohn's is very individualized and affects people in different ways; the same goes for medications. That said, the name of the game is to get any active inflammation under control as soon as possible. For me, LDN was great, but I didn't really use it to try to knock down inflammation -- sometimes people need heavier hitters (medication wise) for that.

Apologies if this is a lot of information to take in -- hopefully it helps somewhat and isn't too terribly confusing. Feel free to keep asking questions.