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Retrovaginal fistula

Hi all
So I have had Crohns for 46 yrs had numerous surgeries last was in 2013 where I had my colon removed as Well as fistula s.
I had no symptoms since then up until last week where I have noticed blood on the toilet paper I get mucus coming from my rectum which is also coming through my vagina tonight there is bright red blood coming through both ends with mucus. Has anyone else had this happen? will contact my IBD nurse tomorrow. Don't have any pain but it freaked me out big time


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Hi Barmybev66......that would really freak me out too.
The sooner you contact your doctor the better.......could be fistula again...no good trying to guess.
Your GI team will know how best to diagnose and treat you.
If the bleeding increases it’s best to go straight to the emergency...
Feel better soon
So rang and e mailed IBD nurses explaining what was happening she has suggested I try using suppositries to help with the mucus and to mention it to my GI at my appointmemt which isn't till the end of March!
Told her I was more concerned about the blood and she said there maybe some inflammation. So why then is my blood test that I had done yesterday come back as normal.
The CRP is still 1 full blood count is normal red and white blood cells all normal
Feeling really confused 😞😩


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New York, USA
It does sound like you may have a fistula - can you get in to see a GYN and have them check it? You definitely don't want to let it go for too long and possibly develop an infection!