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Return to Humira?

Has anyone else been on Humira, stopped, then restarted? How did that work out for you?

I was on Humira for about a year, about 5 years ago. It was working really well for me - totally symptom free. Then through a series of unfortunate and stupid events (moved out of state, changed jobs, which meant changed insurance, then a never-returned phone call from the new insurance company who seemed completely confused about delivering a medication *paired with* my then-disbelief that I even had Crohn's - my former Dr. somehow gave me the impression that maybe I didn't have it) I just stopped taking it (stupidly hoping that with a move from a polluted city to the country/having less stress, this whole problem would just disappear on its own). I lasted about 3 years symptom free, then started having a flare about 10 months ago. Went on steroids while I waited to see a GI, which did help the symptoms mainly go away. I went back on the Humira Feb. 11th (post-Prednisone). At first it seemed to be working but has since gone downhill, and just this week it's definitely getting worse - mucus/diarrhea and noticeable blood.

My new Dr. has been absolutely no help. I messaged him about my concerns and asked how long he usually waits to discuss new treatment options (especially since I've heard that trying to go back on a 2nd time usually doesn't work), and his only response was: I can't tell you anything until we do a new colonoscopy; let us know if you want to schedule one. That's all fine and dandy, but what am I supposed to do in the meantime!?! Not to mention the fact that it takes me 4 hours just to get to their office + I'm worried about going to a medical facility in the middle of a pandemic!


Humira 40 mg every other week
Trying to be better about regularly remembering to take daily multivitamin and Omega-3's
I was on Humira from 2011 -2019 got taken off of it because I had abscess so my GI took me off of Humira for about a year and put me back on it for about a month and a half I started growing antibodies to Humira so I have be put on something else

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Ds was on humira for 5 years had to stop for 8 weeks due to non ibd surgery
Restarted and it never worked
Sounds like you have to get a scope (if they are still doing them ).
Probably MRE imaging as well .
Most large medical office complexes are empty now.
Ds still has to go be seen as well

Good luck
Thanks to you both - I assumed what happened in your 2 responses are most common, which really bums me out b/c I have no clue if other medications are as easy/cheap as Humira.
I'd just love to hear someone say they successfully restarted Humira. My flare is not gone, but it's actually better since I first posted this (gave myself a break by eating less food and drinking much more water), so I'm currently hopeful that maybe that someone will be me.