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Returning to Entyvio after 6 months

I need help and hope you can provide that. My doctor stopped Entyvio after a serious bout of pneumonia. That was in December. I am getting chronic colitis and need to get back on treatment. Entyvio is my only choice right now due to various reasons. My doctor wants me on Singulair for a week prior and prednisone the day before and morning of to prevent an allergic reaction. I am very nervous- I am prone to URI as well. I am due to resume next week. Any feedback positive or negative would be gratefully received.
Thank you
I have not been tested lately for the antibodies so will check on that. Thanks
Prevar? Is that for pneumonia? Yes if so I had that. Then developed pneumonia 3 months later. I have asthma and am prone to upper respiratory infections.

Thanks so much
Thank you. I had both vaccines. I start Entyvio tomorrow. I am taking anti-histamine and Prednisone as pre med. Appreciate your assistance. :smile: