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Reversal and fasting

Dear all,

It's been 4 months since my initial sub-total colectomy (most of colon removed) with end ileostomy, and almost 3 months since my revision of the stoma due to peristomal fistula. I don't know how rare this is but I have got another peristomal fistula with this revised stoma, but a recent MRI had shown no sign of disease in the small bowel so this may be a surgical related error...

Anyway, after review my consultant and surgeon reckon the next step is a reversal at around 6 months....

I have read around and know that it takes months for the bowel function to return to normal i.e. lots of BM per day. I currently empty my pouch about 3-5 times per day (half pouches). My question is once I have had the reversal can I gain more control of the BM/have no BM if I were to say fast (not eat) i.e. if I needed to go out/work etc?

I certainly can't, if I fast, there's still stuff comes out, it's like a greenish coloured gloop.
You'd be better off using Loperamide or eating marshmallows to slow output.