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Reversal on Thursday!

Its time to impeach Mr President!! My takedown will be this Thursday. Hopefully I will be out by Sunday. Wish me luck!


Good luck Dan!!! Lucky you!!! May your life be sooooo normal and boring afterwards! And may you heal quickly!

The surgery went well yesterday. I am a bit sore, but otherwise doing well. I've walked a couple of times, but that front is slow going. The big test will be Sunday when they take out the packing and change the dressing.
Yahoo! I'm getting outta here this afternoon. The next couple of weeks will be fun given the quarter sized hole that needs to heal up, but other than that, its good to be farting again.

Thanks again everyone!!
I am soooo happy for you!!! I never had to deal with being left open to heal. I was stitched up all the way after. Rest up and take it easy!
I did ask the nurses and doctors to pull my finger whenever they asked if I passed gas. It got a good laugh most of the time.

I just hope the hole heals quickly. It hurts when I move and I'm try to stay off the percoset. I have been on Tylenol since Friday (I think) when they took the pain pump away. Its kept the pain manageable for now.



I envy you farting. Sigh....I've little come back to my partner nowadays.

I'm pulling your finger!!!!