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Reversal surgery in two weeks...

hi guys,
I'm getting my ileostomy reversal done on 23rd August!! yay..... excited but slightly nervous!!
Just wondering if any one has any last minute advice! also any idea how long I might be off work?
just a bit more info, had colon removed in march 2011, surgery to make pouch etc April 2012.....

I had my ileostomy reversed on 27th June. I took 2 days off work while in hospital and worked from home for about 2 weeks. It is a minor operation compared with a resection. The wound that is left however is pretty big and mine is still healing after 5 weeks. I have written up my experiences which may be helpful. Good luck!
Hi there, I had my ileostomy reversed on the 2nd of August 2012 (less than a week ago!) after having my original ileostomy surgery in April 2012.

It is much less major than my original operation however there is one substantial wound rather than 8 smaller wounds. My wound is 3x1cm and is 8cm deep, I am currently seeing the nurse every day to have it packed and the area around it is very bruised.

I went in on thursday and came out on sunday, was taking fluid on thursday evening and started on low residue after my first bm on friday.

My original operation took me around 6 weeks to recover fully and I anticipate that the only thing holding me back this time around will be the length of time it takes for the wound to fully heal, as far as walking is concerned I already feel comfortable with a full range of movement and the only downfall at the moment is not being able to lay down comfortably and being very stiff after not moving for a while

Good luck with your op :)
My reversal was two weeks ago yesterday. Tomorrow is my follow up with the surgeon. I am no longer sore, I have not taken any of the pain meds since last Wednesday.

Like others have said, the wound is gnarly. I am parinoid it is infected, but I have no fevers, no swelling, bleeding, soreness. It just looks crazy.

I went in the hospital on a Tuesday afternoon and went home on Friday morning.

As for work, I am signed out until September 10th, but I am planning on going back on the 4th. Not supposed to lift anything over 5 lbs, and I am terrified of something bumping into my wound.

Best of luck with the surgery, I am sure you will recover in no time.
Thanx for the replys,
I was calculating in my head the other day how long I might be in hospital.... you know the typical..... day 1...surgery. day 2..... food?. day 3..... all good?. day 4.....home?....(if everything goes well)
I work at a hospital...(not where surgery is going to be done)...a couple of the nurses at work are like ..."you'll be back to work in a week or two"...I thought it sounded good then I remembered I could possibly have a big hole in my stomach still, not really a good thing when my job includes lifting and twisting!
Oh well will just have to wait and see how it goes, They have been really great at work about me having so much time off (just got back to work last month after 7weeks off for j pouch surgery)