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Rich / Poor

Lynda Lynda

I am having terrible anxiety about about everything today.

I hate being poor.

I'm tired and worried all of the time.

I can say a lot more, but am too tired to type it.
I think just about everyone is struggling now, so you definitely aren't alone. I read a report the other day that said between 75 and 80 percent of the population of the US is unhappy with the current economic conditions and the way the country is heading in general. In my area, one of the local newspapers did a poll and the number was almost 90 percent. Which surprises me that so many of the same clowns were "re-elected" this past week, but that's another discussion.

I know it's easier said than done, but try to focus on the good things in your life instead of what stresses you out. Try to do things to distract yourself - visit friends and family, get outside, explore things that have always interested you but you never had the time to learn more about them, get active in neighborhood, civic, or church groups. I've found that keeping myself busy or distracted sometimes attenuates whatever is bothering me at the time. And it doesn't always have to be something where much if any money is involved. There are many things out there that are either free or cost very little to participate in. The key is to keep your mind and hands busy.

If you think you have clinical depression setting in, it might be best to discuss it with your family doctor and/or spiritual leader. Be careful about any kind of anti-depressant medication; however, your family doctor may prescribe a mild tranquilizer or sedative if your problems are keeping you up nights and you're sacrificing sleep because of them. I went through a particularly tough time around this time last year and was routinely awake for two and three days at a time. My doctor gave me a prescription for 1 mg of lorazepam that I was supposed to take an hour before going to bed. It helped take the edge off just enough that I was able to get some sleep.

Hope you are starting to feel better - I see your post was written a few days ago.
Sorry to hear it. I have been reasonably well off at times and poor at others. The first is much more pleasant. I think when you have no money there is a relentlessness that grinds you down. We all need a little treat sometimes or hope that things will get better.
All I can offer is that when things have been overwhelming for me, bringing gratitude right back to basics can help. By which I mean, right now, I could focus on how much of a downturn my health has taken following a recent bout of covid, what if I don’t get better, what if I get worse, what if I can’t work, pay the bills, what if what if. But equally, it’s raining hard outside and I am sat in a safe and dry house sheltered from the weather with my beautiful other half, don’t need to be anywhere or do anything right now, got my dog lying on my lap keeping me warm, off to bed in a bit in my cosy comfortable bed, got dinner in my tummy and my sweet little boy is safe and sound sleeping in his bed, fed and loved. Got Jesus watching over me and my loved ones and ready to hear my prayers interceding for others which is something I can do however bad my physical health is (you guys get a regular mention and especially the parents and their kids).
I am not pretending it is easy. I have cried a few times recently just because the health deterioration is so hard to deal with (covid lasted a while and was mainly like having flu but has caused some weird balance/ chest pain issues so walking has become a problem). I am not saying don’t get upset, just don’t stay there and try to bring yourself back to the here and now. It helps me anyway.
Hope you are feeling better xx