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Rifabutin and Clarithromycin

I just watched a short newsclip about a woman who had suffered with Crohn's for 18 years. Three years ago, blood samples were taken, there was an antibody response and she was given Rifabutin and Clarithromycin and now she feels cured, although her doctor said it is too soon to know.

Dr. Ira Shafran said, "At least 40% of people appear to have a significant bacterial component, which if identified and treated leads to an 80% response at the end of one and two years now of treatment."

Does anyone have knowledge or experience with this?

Thanks you!


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Rifabutin and clarithromycin are antibiotics that can penetrate cells. Antibody responses aren't very accurate to detect intracellular bacteria though. The WHO doesn't want people using antibodies anymore for TB: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2011/tb_20110720/en/

It's innacurate, you get cross reactions, etc. B cells aren't specific for intracellular bacteria.

But yes I think it's possible someone got cured of crohn's disease, if crohn's disease is an intracellular bacteria like AIEC or Listeria or MAP or anything else, it's completely conceivable that someone got cured after antibiotics.

I do think people should be careful when using the word cured, plenty of people are in remission and not cured, the disease eventually comes back, but still I think -if the disease is simply a chronic infection- it's completely possible that someone gets cured with broad spectrum antibiotics, unlikely since most people run into resistance, but possible nontheless.
Look up professor Herman Taylor in London he's been using this treatment for the best part of 20years with questionable results.