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Right Hemicolecomy / Ileocaecectomy

Hi all
I'm new to this and have started a new thread! Wasn't sure where to write so just opened a new one!
I wanted to share my experiences with you all. I am 32 and have been diagnosed with Crohns for 13 years, been on every oral med you can think of, along with Humira injections, infusions etc and am now going in for my first surgery tomorrow morning!! I am having a right hemicolectomy / ileocaecectomy, which will remove the caecum and terminal ileum. The surgeon has said he will try his best to rejoin and form an anastomoses but there is a chance I may need an ileostomy!
So... all I know is I'll be in for around 5-7 days, have a catheter and PCA pump for pain, may have to go in HDU for a short while and have approx 12 weeks off work! I will keep coming back to this and update people of how things have gone! If anyone has recently had this surgery and have any further info that may help, it will be much appreciated 😊 Thanks in advance!


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Hi Donna...
Sorry you have to go through this surgery but it will likely be straightforward for you .
I had the same surgery in 2014 and it's surprising how quickly things heal up...it did take several months recovery about the same time you mention.
The GI warned me that there might be a bag temporarily but the surgeon was exceptional,
The scars minimal and no bag ever.
He made the appropriate internal connection and it has been fully functional ever since
Don't know anything ever happened ....it's a lot better without it.
Best wishes for a good outcome for you
Feel better soon