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Right rib pain

I've been getting sharp pain in my right rib area off and on for awhile now. I get the pain and it hurts to breath for 5-10 mins then it goes away. The pain will happen again in a few weeks. It happens enough to notice but not enough for me to be concerned, although when I get the pain its a little more intense than it was before. Does it sound like a muscle spasm? My dr is ordering an ultrasound but I was just wondering for those whours have had liver and/or gull bladder issues if this sounds familiar
I don't know what that is, sorry. I get it sometimes and I've read in this forum that quite a few IBD sufferers experience that upper right pain (sort of under the rib). I've never had it to the extent you are with it hurting to breath. I just thought it was inflammation in my large intestine. Good thing you are getting an ultrasound. Let us know what the results are please.
Hi there, an ultrasound should help to check. The pain you describe could be the gallbladder, could be stones or an inflamed gallbladder, or both. They could likely check the liver then too.
Several with ibd have gallbladder issues. Having the gallbladder removed does seem to help with the pain, however can make the diet more challenging. Fats seem to be more difficult to digest, process. A new pain....per say.

So sorry you are experiencing this.
Be well, God bless.
I see you're in the Imuran support group, so I'm guessing you take that for your Crohns. This is a drug that is super hard on your liver. I get random flare ups where my liver enzymes go high, my liver inflames and it hurts like a SOB. But then it will eventually get better and go back to normal. They've had to adjust my dose here and there but it's been the same for 6 months or so now.
JaimeM I am on mercaptipourine, lialda and entyvio. They've only caught a blip with my liver enzymes once and I don't think I had the sharp pain when that was caught. They had to drop my dosage because my white cell production was to low on top of the fact that I am a moderate motabolizer of the drug (it's harder on my system than others). I've been on 25 mgs for about a year now. I also sort of expected that it may be an issue with my liver and the 6mp. I have the ultrasound scheduled for Nov 23rd so well see what that says if anything at all.

I had ore eclampsia 2 years ago which caused me to deliver early. I had the pain off and on before that but it was brought to my attention that it may be a deeper issue when they asked if I had pain in that area. Since then I've had the pain a little more frequent and a little more intense.