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Risks vs. benefits?

Earlier this week, they found a squamous cell cancer on my body. This is the second one since November. I don't know if it is a result of imuran or sun. Doctor says I can trying to go off imuran with the option of going back on if I flare. Should I go off or stay on?
Can you switch to MTX? From what I have read this does seem to be a common thing - repeatedly finding skin cancers after being on imuran for a long period of time, irrespective of sun exposure. I've read of people finding it on their genitals, which have never had sun exposure. The other thing might be to possibly lower the dose?
I mentioned it a few months ago and the doctor was reluctant because I have had issues with several drugs. I built up allergies to Remicade, Doxycycline and Flagyl.

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You don't build antibodies to Imuran or methotrexate
They can be stopped or started multiple times without any risk
Biologics are a different story they can't be stopped without a risk of them not working when you restart them

I would talk to your doc
Mtx has a lower skin cancer rate
Then Imuran


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MTX does have a lower skin cancer risk - it is usually considered safer than Imuran by pediatric gastroenterologists. It is being used more and more and Imuran is being used less and less. Imuran also has a higher Lymphoma risk, I believe.

You could try MTX and if it doesn't work for you, you could go back to Imuran.