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Rock Bottom

Hey all once again I haven't kept up to speed on here but it's a place I know I can come when I want to be understood and supported. For that, I am forever greatful to the people who run this forum.

I've just had enough. Had my recent scope to look for healthy bowel as I'm now agreeing to a Resection. Pain is off the scales daily and I have no way of managing it, mentality is horrendous; I don't want to do anything anymore.

Having said that I posted last year just before Christmas of feeling depressed and well, truthfully.. it hasn't changed. I'm still as down as ever and the stigma of having this disease is getting to me now to the point I push away everything good in my life to compensate for me wanting to be alone.

The amount of times I've heard the words "it'll be fine", I can't even count. I understand that my surgery will correct some pain issues but how do you fix the mind of someone who has crohn's disease? I feel like everyday is a struggle to think about and I can't be the one alone on this.

Thank you for this amazing forum, it's the only place I can speak my mind without being afraid of the judgement from others.


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I haven't had surgery, but I have read a few threads in support of having it.If it really is your last resort,then you have no choice really.I understand docs will try everything else before suggesting it.So hopefully, once you recover from surgery,you will begin to recover mentally too.I'm sure we have a surgery thread on here,so have a look and get in touch with those who can give you something to look forward to.Please keep us updated,we're all interested and you can be of help to those suffering as you are.Best wishes.
You're certainly not alone in feeling life is a struggle with Crohns. Life really isn't easy and I'm sure most of us with Crohns will recognise the depression and the feeling of wanting to give up. The only way I cope is to try and take one day at a time and concentrate on what I can do, not what I can't - it just leads to despair otherwise. I've not reached the point of having surgery but I spend a huge amount of time dreading the prospect. However, a friend of the family has Crohns and has recently had surgery (leading to a stoma) and apparently she is coping brilliantly and enjoying life much more than before, when it was being wrecked by diarrhoea, so maybe surgery can lead to a better quality of life in some cases. If it helps with your pain that must be a slight improvement.