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Roller coasters!

Anyone got any experience of roller coasters + crohns?

Had surgery to repair perforated bowel in march, and am awaiting a resection, but really wanna go to a theme park - I know, sounds crazy.

Any ideas/thoughts?



All i can think is some rides do take their toll on your stomach muscles (going from one direction to the next) but as long as you can tolerate physical activities without it hurting i cant see why not


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If you have been feeling good for a while, I would think they are probably safe. It might not be a good idea to go from roller coaster to roller coaster. Take some breaks between.
I LOVE roller coasters! Unfortunately between getting a summer job and being sick, I've only gone to the amusement park twice this summer, and I've been on summer for 2.5 months! And those trips haven't been nearly as fun as usual, bathroom trips can ruin the fun lol. I have noticed some rides I've gotten a bit nauseous from, which makes sense since I get pretty bad nausea from eating, and occasionally without eating. But I never get nauseous from rides, so I know it's just from the Crohn's.