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Rollercoaster ride

Hi All...

Seven months ago I had never heard of Crohn's, six months ago, I'm seeing my doctor for a bloody stool and wham! the ride began. He ordered a colonoscopy, because at 52 I had not had one. Within the next three weeks, I saw a gastro specialist, a surgeon, had 2 colonoscopies, a bowel ressection and a fistula repaired. I've got Crohn's. I am currently taking Remicade, modified my diet, lost 40 pounds. What a ride! Did you know that this thing can be genetic? I didn't until I put it out to the extended family. Turns out it's on both sides of the family, my mother's cousin and multiple cousins on my dad's side. All types of gastro issues. What a way to bring a family together!!!!

Welcome to the forum - you will find all sorts of great information here which will definately help.

yes it is indeed a rollercoaster ride eh?

But we will all hang on tight!

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Welcome, Sandi!

I love rollercoasters! - - - But this is one that isn't any fun :( This is the kind that you hear about where people lose body parts and get stuck upside down for hours LOL

Oh wait, staying positive... this place is great. The people are awesome.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, post thoughts, or just vent - it's what we're here for :D
Keep your hand and feet inside the Gurney at all times :D

I too was surprised to find a family history of IBD. Both my grandmothers, my mother and her sister (my aunt) are affected. There is also a strong case for it being cultural. So genetic dispostion to a cultural disease is how I look at it.


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Yeah Crohn's usually comes on fast and scary; normally accompanied by a slow diagnosis process.

I love roller coasters but I agree, this one is no fun. I guess I'm building the roller coaster for my family as no one has had G.I. problems besides my grandmother who had colon cancer. Think this is one we all have to hold on for.

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That's some family picnic huh?
Don't worry Sandigee, sometimes the roller coaster isn't so bad. Remission is very possible, it sometimes just takes a while to find the right combination of meds, diet, etc that works for you. Good luck, feel better, and welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum Sandi!!!

Wow! What a ride you've had in such a short time.

So far, I am the only one with CD in my family, however, my Mom/Aunt/Uncles all have some form of IBD.